About Us

At Image of Wellness LLC, we specialize in treating pain and stress related illnesses without drugs or surgery, utilizing  natural medicine in combination with non invasive energy procedures, such as; nutrition, anxiety &  stress management, lifestyle change, preventative health services,  the importance of attitude toward health, aging, and disease to allow optimal health and maximum longevity.

Our clinic is dedicated to increasing the awareness of treatment options not generally available through traditional and conventional channels. Our philosophy rests upon the idea that individuals can address serious illnesses through the proper application of “new health sciences” positioned to change the face of modern medicine and solving and maintaining ones health.

Our Clinic is an all natural Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Clinic where we focus on non-invasive approaches to achieving better health, overcoming degenerative conditions and preventative medicine.

At our non-invasive clinic, we offer a variety of proven health treatments and modalities, we increase successful results & awareness which leads to the inevitable acceptance of alternative medicine and methods of addressing minor or serious chronic degenerative illnesses.

Our team of experts & Holistic Practitioners including; Iridologist, Herbalist, Health and Nutrition Specialists, Therapists, Chiropractor & Applied Kinesiologist, & Exercise Physiologist.
Our Clinic is focused on providing professional & caring service and a guarantee of satisfaction to addressing the specific health care needs of every client.

The mission of our Wellness Clinic is to provide an integrated, non invasive, alternative approach to individuals with health problems. We do this by identifying the 11 causes of disruption in the energy system that contribute to all health problems and then provide a treatment program that treats the person as an organic whole, not a collection of ailing parts, recognizes the bodies inherent capability and strength that allows repair of organs and tissue, uses a combination of non invasive energy procedures, nutrition, stress management, lifestyle change, the importance of attitude toward health, aging, and disease to allow optimal health and maximum longevity.

“Healing at the speed of light”

Our company is based on the belief that our clients’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our health professionals are committed to meeting those health needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from client referrals.


Camille Sullivan; Holistic Practices and Iridology Specialist, more than 10 years of experience in Natural Medicine, Health & Wellness.  Utilizing holistic therapies and non-invasive modalities to address, physical imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, health and dietary goals, allergies,  emotional & behavioral conditions or traumas, Tri-Phasic Resonator, Micro-current and Infrared Therapy, etc.


Education: Holistic Practitioner
Practitioner of Iridology and Holistic medicine, Certified & Professionally skilled in Health & Nutrition, Herbology, Behavioral Therapy, Weight and Metabolic retraining, Aroma Therapy, Ear Candling, Addiction & Allergies, Rayid (inherent Behavioral sciences), Photo-Light Rejuvenation techniques, microcurrent therapy, Migun technology trained. This unit provides needleless acupuncture and Tri-Phasic-Resonator.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you unique treatment & services with an educational platform that will be transformational!

Call to schedule for your life-changing experience today!


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