Mission Statement

At Image of Wellness, we provide an integrated, non invasive, alternative approach to individuals with health problems. We do this by identifying the 11 causes of disruption in the bodies energy system that contribute to all health problems and then provide a treatment program that:
1. Treats the person as an organic whole, not a collection of ailing parts.
2. Recognizes the bodies inherent capability and strength that allows repair of organs and tissue.
3. Uses a combination of non invasive energy modalities, nutrition, stress management, lifestyle change, the importance of attitude toward health, aging, and disease to allow optimal health and maximum longevity.

We have helped thousands regain their health and begin a new healthier lifestyle.

The question is , am I ready to be healthy or am I just going to continue with this illness hoping that it will just go away on its own?… or can I be proactive and actually do something that will actually get me to where I want to be.?…or am i using my illness as an escape mechanism?

What  do you have to lose? Continue with the same or do something that just may Change your life.


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