Enhance energy, metabolism and digestion

1.  First you want to begin by getting raw greens in your diet…here are some simple ways to keep you motivated;

  • Make a simple salad with Spinach, Romaine, Kelp, Arugula or any leafy green (not Iceberg lettuce, it is not green and therefore has no nutrient value)
  • Juicing (Using any fresh vegetable and adding either, green apples, pineapple or natural sweetener i.e., Stevia, Xylitol, Raw honey, Sweet nectar or Coconut Sugar)
  • Supplement with a raw green in either a powder or a capsule (AloeLife daily greens, New Vitality Royal blend and Amazing grass all taste great and are some of my personal favorites)

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Locally Grown, Organically Grown – You Are What You Eat

Why Eat Organically Grown Food?
Just as we are what we eat, fruits and vegetables are what they eat, too. Food labeled “organic” is grown without artificial pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer. Organic farmers use compost (which is “all natural”) and “green” fertilizer to provide nourishment to their crops. Cattle and other livestock raised organically receive neither antibiotics nor growth hormones, and eat feed that is itself raised and harvested on organic farms.
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