Clinical Services


Tools That Can Release You From Pain

We believe that the causes of all health problems are due to a disruption in the bodies subtle energy system and research currently being conducted by physicists seems to be in  agreement. These disruptions create physical, chemical, and emotional symptoms.  Our diagnostics and treatments address these problems.

  •  Allergy/Sensitivity Clearing:  Testing to identify food and/or environmental allergies.  Extremely significant in dealing with chronic disease and weight loss. 
  • Chiropractic Evaluation & Adjustments: Applied Kinesilogy testing combined with non-force instrument adjusting to correct spinal and joint imbalances.
  • Chromatherapy (Color): Colored lights and/or lenses to stimulate, sedate, or balance during meridian stimulation and other procedures.
  • Far-Infrared Therapy: In-frared light stimulation to optimize DNA replication, oxygenation and phagocytosis (the body’s way of ingesting bacteria, dead tissue cells, etc.), regenerate damaged nerve tissue, and facilitate cellular bio-modulation. Many have called this technology “The Miracle Light”.
  • Intuitive Energy Healing: The causes of all emotional upsets are interruptions in the energy system. Energy Psychology is like talk therapy, but with a powerful meridian component.
  • Environmental Toxins: Testing to identify environmental heavy metal toxins.  Heavy metals interrupt nerve transmission and play a major factor in decreased hormone production and overall brain activity.
  • Homeopathy: Stimulating the natural healing response with specific electromagnetic healing frequencies.
  • Lymphatic Release: As the body’s sewer system, the lymph system helps transport toxins and infections for elimination via the lungs. Instruments provide stimulation to specific areas on the body that aid the lymph system in releasing toxic materials from the body to increase the immune capability.
  • Micro-current therapy:  Non-needle acupuncture. A mild electrical current is employed to stimulate specific acupuncture meridian points.  Exceptional results in dealing with acute and chronic pain.
  • Iridology & Rayid: Specialized extensive health & behavioral analysis using the scientific method through the intricate fiber structures in the iris of the eyes by way of the optic nerve, determining specific acute, sub-acute, chronic, degenerative & genetic conditions. Identifying inflammation, inherent & physical weaknesses, activity & condition of each body system & organ revealing nutritional deficiencies and the means to overcome it. Displaying psychological & behavioral tendencies along with relationship patterns & how to create balance & understanding of one self.

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