Intuitive Energy Healing


Emotional; Psychological Counseling: Clinical, mental, emotional; energetic-spiritual therapy & counseling covering core-issue therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique & subconscious treatment protocols. Recognizing & evaluating destructive patterns & negative programming, & genetic patterns, how to clear or overcome negative patterns & create joy & peace of mind & soul.

Emotional Psychology: Addresses the chasm between the conscious & unconscious minds, and the energy meridian system where physical symptoms originate, one of the most interesting & important aspects of this phenomena is the fact that knowledge & awareness of the process clearly have healing powers, physical symptoms and discomfort subside or disappear.

How the Body Portrays the Workings of the Mind

Your subconscious processes are always lifeward and constructive. Your subconscious is the builder of your body and maintains all its vital functions

The interaction of your conscious and subconscious mind requires a similar interaction between the corresponding systems of nerves. The cerebrospinal or voluntary system is the organ of the conscious mind.  The autonomic system is the organ of the subconscious mind.  The voluntary nervous system is the channel through which you receive conscious perception by means of your physical senses and exercise voluntary control over the movement of your body.  This system has its control center in the cerebral cortex of the brain.

The automonic nervous system, sometimes referred to the involuntary nervous system, has its center of activity in other parts of the brain, including the cerebellum, the brain stem, and the amygdala.  These organs have their own connections to the major systems of the body and support their vital functions even when consious awarness is absent.

A simple way of looking at the mental and physical interaction is to realize that your conscious mind grasps an idea that is parallel to a corresponding series of electrical impulses in your voluntary system of nerves. This subsequently causes a similar current to be generated in your involuntary system of nerves, thus handing the idea over to your subconscious mind, which is the creative medium. This is how your thoughts become things.

Every thought entertained by your conscious mind and accepted as true is sent by your cortex to the other organs of the brain that support your subconscious mind, to be made into your flesh and to be brought forth into your world as a reality.  This is the intelligence that takes care of the body.



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