Iridology Health Analysis

Iridiology our SpecialityIridology Health Analysis

Iridology & Rayid: Specialized extensive health & behavioral analysis using the scientific method through the intricate fiber structures in the iris of the eyes by way of the optic nerve, determining specific acute, sub-acute, chronic, degenerative & genetic conditions. Identifying inflammation, inherent & physical weaknesses, activity & condition of each body system & organ revealing nutritional deficiencies and the means to overcome it. Displaying physiological & behavioral tendencies along with relationship patterns & how to create balance & understanding of one self. The Analysis can provide relief from an individual suffering from unknown or uncertain imbalances and complaints taking place in the body that is identified and addressed in the personalized health assessment.



“I have a lot more energy and it is easier to manage my weight after my Iridology and counseling sessions with Camille. She showed me how to keep a high energy level, increase my metabolism and have good health! After using my personal diet plan, a physical exercise course, and the proper nutrient program Camille designed for me, I feel better today than I did 30 years ago!

M Crowther – SLC, UT


These are examples of common ailments which can be observed and overcome through an Iridology analysis.

The 7 symptoms that are the most common complaints even after conventional treatments.

1.  Headache, including migraine.

2.  General body pain in the muscles and joints.

3.  Bowel symptoms.

4.  Insomnia.

5.  Allergies.

6.  Depression

7.  Inability to concentrate and having a “foggy” feeling.

Including organ activity and function such as pancreatic, liver and thyroid etc.

* Individualized Nutritional, Herbal & Dietary Consultation: Based on specialized analysis & evaluation, addressing specific supplementary needs, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, health & dietary goals, & lifestyle modifications.

* Relationship Counseling: Through determined behavioral traits and patterns; each behavior type relates specifically to each type and has their own unique relationship patterns that determine compatibility and relationship skills, attractions and needs, interaction tendencies & individual skills & strengths.

* Emotional; Psychological Counseling: Clinical, mental, emotional; energetic-spiritual therapy & counseling covering core-issue therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique & subconscious treatment protocols. Recognizing & evaluating destructive patterns & negative programming, & genetic patterns, how to clear or overcome negative patterns & create joy & peace of mind & soul.

What is included in your Iridology session:

A personalized extensive analysis, addressing specific supplementary needs, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, health & dietary goals, lifestyle modification, and means to overcome these weaknesses.  A detailed Assessment is covered at the time of the appointment for your convenience.

  • $150.00
  • 2 person special $200.00







The Right Orbit and Ciliary Ganglion from the Right
  1. Ophthalmic nerve
  2. Ciliary ganglion
  3. Nerve to inferior oblique
  4. Frontal nerve
  5. Superior rectus
  6. Lacrimal nerve
  7. Inferior rectus
  8. Optic nerve
  9. Nasociliary nerve
  10. Abducent nerve
  11. Oculomotor nerve
  12. Infraorbital nerve
  13. Communication between lacrimal & zygomaticofacial nerves

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