Permanent Hair Removal

Light B Series IPL Multi-Function Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation System

Permanent Hair Removal, Sun-damage, Age spots (Hyper-pigmentation), Broken capillaries and Skin rejuvenation procedures available through our safe and effective IPL Unit.

IPL not only delivers permanent hair removal and other various treatments, but they offer the best results short of invasive surgery.



“For over twenty years I have received hair removal treatments and have been disappointed with the results. I have looked all over for effective hair removal. I bought a hair removal package from Camille at “Image of Wellness” and to my surprise, I found it to be  painless, affordable and more effective than anything else I’ve used. I loved how knowledgeable and helpful Camille was. Finally no more stubborn hair!

Rachel C – Sandy, UT

The applications include skin pigments removal, acne treatment, blood vessel lightening, wrinkle removal, improves skin coarseness, permanent hair removal, shrink skin pores, and recover skin elasticity. The system emits a broad spectrum of intense pulsed light through the professional hand-piece. High quality crystal filters light in useless wavelength range. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by either the blood when treating vascular lesions or the melanin when treating pigmented lesions or for hair removal and then damaging them. The body’s natural processes then remove the injured tissue giving the skin a more even and youthful appearance. And at the same time, production of the collagen in dermis will be prompted to increase the flexibility of the skin and get rid of fine wrinkles.

Safely & effectively treats: Permanent hair removal & hair reduction,

4-6 treatments recommended..

Buy a package of 5 treatments and

receive the 6th FREE!






The IPL is equipment that produces a high intensity light.  The full range state-of-the-art IPL system is based on scientific principles & precision. Each system is engineered to deliver the ultimate results of its kind to the specific condition being treated, without cosmetic surgery or Laser treatment, producing extremely safe & effective results through a course of treatments.

Hair Removal Price Menu

Full Face $100.00 Upper Lip $25.00
Chin $35.00 Cheeks $50.00
Jaw Line $35.00 Side Burns $50.00
Neck-back $70.00 Neck-front $70.00
Bikini Line $70.00 Bikini Extended $100.00
Brazilian $100.00 Buttocks $100.00
Full Legs $250.00 Upper Legs $155.00
Full T-Shirt $200.00 Abdomen $110.00
Chest $125.00 Areola $60.00
Navel Strip $35.00 Underarms $60.00
Full Arms $160.00 Lower Arms $110.00
Upper Arms $150.00 Full Back $200.00
Upper Back $125.00 Lower Back $85.00





Permanent Hair Removal


Permanent Hair Removal



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